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Practice is available for licence holders weekly from 10am til dusk.

We use the Promatic clay mate system for practice.

Cartridges are available to purchase at reception, proof of valid licence is required.

What is available?


Down The Line 

Olympic Trap

Olympic Skeet 

Universal Trench

Automatic Ball Trap

Sportrap (pre-booking required)

English Skeet (pre-booking required)

High Tower (pre-booking required)


Wednesday - Sunday 

Please note during the competition season, practice is more restricted on weekends.




If you are new to East Yorkshire we suggest you call 01964 204190 before visiting. 

If you require Sportrap, English Skeet or the High Tower, this must be pre-booked in advance of visiting. 

We advise calling prior to visiting to check your prefered discipline is available.